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• TOUCHMATE Surround Emergency Light With Built-In USB Slot for Charging Mobiles
• Best For Home, Office, Study, Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Rechargeable Battery With Long Service Life,  (4000 mAH Capacity). 
• Built-In Switch Selection for 2 and 4 Tubes Lights
• Adjustable Brightness Option - Low Power Consumption, 50pcs LED only consume 5W;
• Super White Brightness SMD LED Light , Emergency Backup Lighting For Many Applications.
• Works As Power Bank To Charge Mobiles & Many Digital Devices.
• Built-In USB Charging Port To Charge Mobiles, Smartphones, Tablets, Game Consoles 
  And Many Digital Devices. (5V Supported)
• Has Emergency Function & Carrying Handle
• Adjustable Brightness With Built-In Rotatory Knob and Built-In Polarity Protection.
• Voltage Efficient Power Supply, Built-In Automatic Overcharge  Protection Circuit.
• 2 Way Light Charging Options With AC and DC Current Inputs:
  AC Adapter : 110—240V (50-60 Hz)  Direct From Wall Socket (Cable Included)
  DC Adapter : 6V (500mA)
• USB Output (5V DC) Compatible For All Models Of Mobiles / Digital Devices To Charge

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