At TOUCHMATE, Our experience in the market had shown us both challenges and opportunities. We see it as a time to improve our operations and competitive position, enter new markets and tap into new sources of talent. These bold moves enable us to grow and emerge stronger than ever.

We are a brand that understands its consumer well enough and hence we are able to accommodate their growing needs. We are one of the brands that started locally and today we have grown into a brand that is giving a tough competition to established and international brands on the market. Our consumers have acknowledged and appreciated our honest efforts to provide them with a basket of products to choose from, wherein they can get assured that they will get only high quality products. All this at a very competitive price and with a prompt and efficient after sales service to back up the products they buy. The fact that we have over 1000 products in our product portfolio means that there is something for everyone. Touchmate today is a one stop solution brand. This makes us different from other vendors.

Vasant Menghani (Founder, CEO)

The foundation of our group is built on the philosophy that the 'Customer comes first'. This has meant that we have developed and live by certain core values as an organization. We will continue to grow successfully, venturing into new markets, capturing greater market share and expanding into categories, which were not part of our core portfolio. Driven by the vision of our management and the commitment of our staff.

Yes, the future looks brighter than ever before.