TOUCHMATE: Honoring the 2023 Regional Brand of the Year


TOUCHMATE won the VAR ICT Regional Brand of the Year Award 2023, which is considered to be the most prestigious awards night for the Middle East’s information and communication technology (ICT) fraternity.
Among the categories, the top award of ‘Regional Brand of the Year’ was won by TOUCHMATE Quality Gulf CO, which came ahead of other contenders and won it. The channel voted for their preferred choices and a select Jury vote helped validate the results.
Vasant Menghani, the Founder & CEO of Quality Group, extends his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Partners, distributors, and Team members who have played a pivotal role in ensuring the enduring success and growth of TOUCHMATE over the past 35+ years. Their unwavering commitment and hard work have been instrumental in keeping TOUCHMATE strong and propelling its continuous expansion.


Regional Brand of the Year 2023 

Champions of 2023 Regional Brand of the Year -  TOUCHMATE. 

The office was buzzing with excitement as employees gathered to celebrate their recent award win. It was a momentous occasion, and everyone was ready to revel in the recognition of their hard work and dedication.
The tables were filled with delicious catered food and refreshments, and a cake adorned with the award's emblem took center stage.


 The highlight of the celebration was the award presentation. The CEO took the stage, praising the team for their outstanding efforts and commitment to excellence. As the team members gathered around, the award was unveiled, and cheers and applause filled the room.

It was a day to remember, not just for the award itself but for the joy of coming together and celebrating their shared accomplishments.